Hello from Aotearoa!

This blogpost reaches you from Auckland in Aotearoa/New Zealand and was planned already some days ago, but no chance!

Last week on the 17th September, I arrived in Auckland after a long flight of 33 hours, departing from Frankfurt over Hong Kong to Auckland. Experiencing a long-distance flight for the first time, I suffered a heavy jetlag throughout the next days, leaving me with an almost not existing sleep-cycle and unconcentration. The flight went considerably well although I could barely find any sleep. What is worth to be mention is the wonderful flight safety clip, which Air New Zealand have shown before leaving the Airport of Hong Kong. I am happy to have found it online.

Air New Zealand Safety Video 2022: Tiaki & The Guardians, in: Youtube, Air New Zealand Safety Video 2022: Tiaki & The Guardians – YouTube, [22.09.2022].

After arriving on Saturday morning and reaching my hotel, I spent most of the following days with discovering the city and practicing my presentation on this Conference, which will take place already next week. The days between Tuesday and Thursday were shaped by archive visitings in the reading room of the Auckland War Memorial Museum, where I had ordered relevant material.

Archive visiting mean picture accumulation. Private Picture, 22.09.2022
Auckland War Memorial. Private Picture, 22.09.2022

It took me some days to shake off the jetlag, and it is a pity to leave this big city with over 1 million inhabitants, yet I look very much forward to travel to Russell town in the Bay of Islands next Saturday.

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Author: Haureh Hussein

Haureh Hussein is Doctoral Researcher and Research Assistant in the DFG research project ‘Family Business: Creating a “Maritime Contact Zone” in the Colonial Anglo-World, 1790–1840’ at the Trier University. He studied history and political science at Trier and at the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium. He can be contacted via his blog: www.transoceanic.hypotheses.org/

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