New Zealand Historical Association Conference: 23rd – 26th November 2021

From Tuesday until Friday, 23rd Nov. – 26th Nov. 2021, the New Zealand Historical Association will organize virtually their Biennial Conference, and I am very delighted to contribute to their programme with a presentation of my dissertation project.

According to the Organizers, the Conference programme includes over “60 sessions with over 130 presenters, covering topics from the history of theatre to rugby and nationalism and from heritage buildings to historical fiction”.

Together with Julia Bradshaw (Canterbury Museum, NZ), I will present my topic in a panel called “Colonial Trading”, which is chaired by John Stenhouse (University of Otago) at Thursday 2 pm (New Zealand Time). Given the -13 hours time difference to London, and -12 hours time difference to Germany, I will join the panel in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, at 1 am London time (or 2 am german time.)

In case you are interested in attending the Zoom-Conference throughout the week (or at least for only some panels), a brief registration and a fee of 15 or 30 NZD is required.

The full conference programme can be seen here:

Author: Haureh Hussein

Haureh Hussein is Doctoral Researcher and Research Associate in the DFG research project ‘Family Business: Creating a “Maritime Contact Zone” in the Colonial Anglo-World, 1790–1840’ at the Trier University. He studied history and political science at Trier and at the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium. He can be contacted via his blog:

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